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Develop our employees to achieve their goals and bless our students with financial education that is optimized for their profit.

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Our mission is twofold, the first is focused internally on employees. We believe that God has a plan and purpose for our lives. For our internal employees we want this company to be somewhere where God can say, I want this person to go here so that they can grow in the plan, in the skills, in the talents that he has placed in their hearts. So they can walk down the path that they desire after and that he has placed there for them.

You will work closely with your team leaders and set personal goals like where you want to grow and what are your aspirations within the company. Since this is our company, we can make it do what we want, and we want it be here to serve our internal team members and help them obtain and achieve the goals they have.

The second mission is outward focused. It’s what we do for the students, clients and the people we work with. That is 100% cleaning out the “Investment and Financial Education” space. Our mission is to clean out the Investment and Financial Education space from “old school education” that is optimized for the educator’s profit. We find that they are good at marketing, good at sales but not great at the education portion and that’s primarily what the industry looks like as of now. We have the opportunity to be on the opposite side of the spectrum. We are optimized for student profit. We know the students made an investment and we keep track of their success. Our goal is to get people who want to come into our program and help grow so that when someone makes the choice to learn, to become more financially literate, to make more money for their family they are able to do so. We want people to take a chance to be rewarded for investing their money into financial education.

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