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New Finance Course Teaches Students How to
Fund their Business and Travel For Free

Jack McColl

PHOENIX (April 9, 2021) --- Jack McColl, local entrepreneur, full-time traveler, and skydiver reveals the science behind funding multiple seven-figure businesses solely through lines of zero percent interest credit in a seven-week course that launched April 12, 2021.


When the global pandemic hit in 2020, Jack immediately began to create a course in credit stacking to help current and soon-to-be entrepreneurs bounce back from economic hardships. Credit Stacking is the strategy of stacking multiple lines of credit in a specific order, allowing the borrower to access much larger lines of credit with additional benefits, like zero percent interest.


With over 20 credit cards to his name, McColl travels the world in luxury for a fraction of the price, due to the utilization of business cards and point redemption strategies.


“Credit has completely changed the way I live. Being an entrepreneur most of my life, I wish I had known how high credit lines and access to zero percent credit would exponentially change the business game for me” said Jack McColl, founder of Credit Stacking.


“I created this course in hopes that I can assist fellow entrepreneurs to change the status quo when it comes to business and travel.”

The course is available for people of all ages and backgrounds. To learn more about the course, visit


About Jack

Jack McColl, the founder of Credit Stacking, has been featured on MarketWatch, Disrupt Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and many other publications and podcasts for his knowledge and in-depth understanding of the credit stacking strategy. Jack has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and has grown multiple 7-figure businesses.

For more information, please contact:

Gianna Le
Director of PR & Social Media

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